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Moroccan bath

Body Care
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Moroccan bath

Tired, stressed, tense? A Morrocan Bath ( Hammam) -a centuries old tradition –will help.

Rejuvenate your very soul and rediscover a deeper inner glow with one of our specially devised Hammam treatments, which cleanse, exfoliates dead cells and gradually whitens the body and relax tired muscles, releasing toxins and energizing your lymphatic system .

It’s a sort of deep scrubbing the body revealing new fresh skin , you can observe the smoothness of your skin instantly after finishing the bath!

If you are looking for a luxurious way to loose weight ..Many Beauty Experts recommended Regular Morrocan Baths has been proved to loosen weight by enhancing body circulation and getting rid of trapped body toxins..

We offer 3 ways of finishing your Hammam, either by pure rose water bath or Pampering your Body with an intense moisturised  Body Lotion, or a pure argan oil body application . Choose your pampering finish and enjoy a memorable  experience.

Our Therapist is an Expert Moroccan Therapist that has extensive knowledge in delivering the most pampering experience of Ancient Beauty Concepts of Original Moroccan Bath Experience…

We follow strict Hygienic procedure using disposable bed sheets and other disposable materials for utmost infection control service keeping up with the pampering service also experienced well by our customer.


Traditional Morrocan  Basic Bath 50 min
Murjana Morrocan Clay Bath 75 min
Whitening Morrocan Bath 75 min
Sharazad Morrocan Herbal  Bath 90 min


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