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Body Scrubs and Body Wraps

Body Care
About This Project

Body Scrubs

Cell renewal occurs naturally, yet slows down as we age leading to dull, lifeless and dry skin. Exfoliation quickens the process by stimulating the circulation of blood through the lymphatic system to bring oxygen and nutrients to the surface of the skin, at the same time supporting the body to flush away toxins. When performed on a regular basis, exfoliation is also highly effective in the treatment of cellulite.

We offer wide range of Body scrubs that suits your needs , Consult our therapists for more details!

Body Wraps ( Detoxification/ Slimming)

it is vital to rid the body of Body Toxins and refresh the lymphatic system, Our Body wraps are  Designed

to help eliminate toxins from the body through the pores of the skin, as well as tostimulate circulation and soothe the muscles, body wraps can also help to firm and tone the skin and cleans all teh black spots in the body its offered by Mulberry Maids cleaning service, reduce cellulite, smooth body contours, and create luxurious softness  and improves body smoothness.

Consult our therapists for more details  for Body Wraps that suits your needs …


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